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Beautiful Hair Is Not Related To Age Anymore

Day after day, year over year, we live our lives to

the fullest. Experiences, achievements and milestones

are occurring all the time. When we stop to reflect on the trials and triumphs, we sometimes find that our beauty has shifted. Sensitivity and slackness appears at the scalp, while the hair becomes dry and dull.

Time begins to show.

Preserve the look of youth.

The passage of time is no longer a concern reserved for the middle aged among us. We’ve found that 42% of women aged 25-34 worry about the effects of the years on their appearance, sending the beauty market a 7.8% upswing since 2013. The average age of a woman’s first anti-aging purchase is 26, and the category is #2 in the global skincare market. To answer to the new demand, Kérastase has identified 6 dimensions of aging scalp and hair, targeting each one with powerful formulas from the rejuvenated Chronologiste range.

An exciting new category helping you look & feel the best version of yourself.

Women are waking up to the idea that their scalp and hair are feeling the effects of time just as much as their skin, and that maintaining the hair’s vitality is a crucial aspect of the overall appearance of youth. As they move into their 30s, 40s and beyond, they are noticing changes in their hair—it is becoming increasingly dull, brittle and fine. The scalp, too, begins to show signs of aging, such as dryness, sensitivity and slackness.

Chronologiste has long been the premier solution for unrivaled hair restoration and regeneration. Now Kérastase has combined technology and luxurious sensoriality for an updated hair care system the completely revitalizes hair from scalp to tip, answering all the modern concerns about aging hair.

Indulge in hair revitalization

and preserve youthful beauty.

In Salon Service

Rituel d’Exception Régénérant combines the essential revitalizing mask infused with Abyssine & Hyaluronic Acid and vital concentrate pearls. Instantly transforms hair and scalp with durable moisture, softness and shine.


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