Blond Absolu Natural Dark Blonde Hair Care Set

Blond Absolu Natural Dark Blonde Hair Care Set

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A regimen to lighten dark blonde hair.




    A regimen to lighten-up from dark hair. Bleaching is the process of removing pigment from the hair shaft. Those who begin with naturally dark hair require more bleaching, which means more potential damage. The hair becomes overprocessed and porous. Bright blonde is a striking change for a brunette. With the right care, the results can be amazing and their desire to finally be the ultimate blonde will be fulfilled.




    Le Bain Cicaextreme Shampoo, 250ml

    Ultra moisturizing post-bleaching procedure shampoo-in-cream. Highly hydrating formula infused with hyaluronic acids and edelweiss-in-oil.

    • Infused with hyaluronic acids and edelweiss-in-oil.
    • Gently reduces washing friction to boost resilience to breakage.
    • Strengthens hair sensitized by bleaching.


    Masque Ultra-Violet Purple Hair Mask, 200ml

    Purple hair mask with Hyaluronic Acid neutralizes brassy hair.

    • Illuminates cool blonde hair for even brightness.
    • Neutralizes brassy hair and yellow undertones for flawless blonde hair.
    • Deeply nourishes the hair fiber.


    Cicaplasme Hair Primer, 150ml

    Heat protectant with Hyaluronic Acid for all blonde hair types.

    • Instantly unifies damaged areas of blonde hair.
    • Creates smooth hair.
    • Heat protectant with 450°F thermo-protection.


    Sérum Cicanuit Hair Serum, 90ml

    Intense overnight recovery hair serum for all blondes.

    • A lightweight serum to restore fiber overnight.
    • Recovers bleached and sensitized hair throughout the night.
    • Deeply and durably hydrates the fiber.
    • Helps hair recover overnight for a frizz-controlled style in the morning.
    • 89% less breakage*.
    • 74% smoother hair*.
    • Reduces the appearance of split ends by 53%.
    • Visibly reduces the appearance of surface damage on hair.

    Hyaluronic acid duo for hydrating the fiber.


    Edelweiss-in-oil for fiber softness and recovery.


    Ultra Violet Neutralizers: Highly concentrated pigments that neutralize and remove brassy & yellow undertones.



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